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Andrew Duke In The Mix is all about sharing the music I love. The show also aims to play music you won't hear elsewhere (unreleased material and exclusives) and music that you'll hear on this show first. Below are just some of the releases that premiered on the mixshow (while I was keeping track between 1998-2000).

Andrew Duke In The Mix world premieres (selected):

Plastic Sleeves--"Messages From Machines" 12" (US Down Low)
Phrenic 7"--Mischa ($tinkworx remix) (US Down Low)
Jacob Fairley--"Cossack" EP (CAN Dumb-Unit)
All The Pretty Things--All The Pretty Things (NZ Involve)
Andrew Thomas--So You Wanna Be A (Death) Star (NZ Involve)
Le Car--"Remixed" EP (US Ersatz Audio)
Anthony Rother--Simultationszeitalter (DM Psi49net)
Kid 606--"Soccergirl" EP (US Carpark)
Marumari--The Wolves Hollow (US Carpark)
Redshift--"Fear/Decay" EP (UK Surface Effect)
Signer--Giving It Up To Feel Effected (NZ Involve/Kog Transmissions)
Submania--"Proceed" EP (DM Background)
Dan Curtin--"When Worlds Align" EP (US/FR Starbaby)
Fischerspooner--"Emerge"/"Turn On" 12" (US Serotonin)
Chromatix--"Life-Like" EP (US Spelunk)
$tinkworx--"Whut"/"Yinmao" 7" (US Down Low)
Terrence Dixon--From The Far Future (DM Tresor)
Daniel Wang--"Silver Trophies" EP (US Environ)
Various--Statra's Paradigm Shift (Statra/Brooklyn)
Theorem vs. Swayzak--"THX2" 12" (Minus/Windsor)
Various--Real Estate's Rhythm & Grooves (Real Estate/Chicago)
L.A. Williams--Sci-Fi Traxx Troopers (Chisel/Chicago/Detroit)
Sutekh--"Miasma" EP (DM Force Inc)
Indio--Indio (Transmat/Detroit)
Neutral--Font Translation Errors (Mad Monkey/Austin TX)
Perspects--"Desire & Efficiency" EP (Ersatz Audio/Detroit)
John Tejada and Arian Leviste--"2 Speakers Dream" EP (Palette/Los Angeles)
"Comin' From Tha D installment no. 3 remix" comp EP (Intuit-Solar/Detroit)
"Comin' From Tha D" Ghetto Tech continuous mix CD (Intuit-Solar/Detroit)
Aux 88--Electro Boogie mix CD (Stud!o K7/Berlin & New York)
Dan Curtin--Pregenesis (Elypsia/Belgium)
Submania/Ekmoah--Low Voltage Clear Storm Floor (Background/Dusseldorf)
Tim Baker--Audio Implant (Elephanthaus/Chicago)
Key Of Soul (Dan Curtin and Warren Harris)--"Incidental Indiscretion" EP (UK Paper)
DJ Godfather--"Via Satellite From Detroit" EP (Intuit-Solar/Detroit)
Japanese Telecom--selftitled LP (Intuit-Solar/Detroit)
Adult--"Entertainment" EP (Ersatz Audio/Detroit)
Twerk--"Enemies Of The State" EP (Organised Noise/California)
Jacek Sienkiewicz--selftitled EP (Recognition/Warsaw PL)
DJ T-1000--Progress (Tresor/Berlin)
Steve Stoll--Supernatural (Proper/New York)
Sutekh--"Double Entendre" EP (Context/California)
Rick Wade--"Quantum Expression" EP (Moods and Grooves/Detroit)
Stewart Walker--Stabiles (Tektite/Force Inc/Mille Plateaux)
Harry The Bastard--Club H mix CD (Statra/New York)
The Caretaker--Selected Memories From The Haunted Ballroom (UK V/Vm Test)
Molinski & Raphael Louis--"Psychotic Vibes" EP (FR Brique Bleue)
A DD's Special Delivery--"Gimme A Fresh One" EP (FR Brique Rouge)
Brian Harden--"The Nubirth Project Pt 1" EP (Moods And Grooves/Detroit)
Innerzone Orchestra--Programmed (US Astralwerks/Planet E)
Murat--"Transpose" EP (Elephanthaus/Chicago)
Thomas Brinkmann--Soul Center (NL W.v.B.)
Terrence Parker--TP vs Michael Jackson (Intangible/Detroit)
Mike Parker--"Voiceprint" EP (Geophone/Buffalo NY)
Stewart Walker--"Nevermore" EP (Force Inc/Germany)
Twerk--"Dissertation Abstract" EP (Cytrax/San Francisco)
Patio--Parallel Play (Involve/New Zealand)
Jet Jaguar--self titled album (Involve/New Zealand)
John Tejada--"Watching And Waiting" EP (Palette/Los Angeles)
Terrence Parker--Classic TP Mix Vol. 5: Summer Madness! mix CD (Intangible/Detroit)
South Operations II--"Ego Downer" EP (SE G-Force)
Men From The Nile (Roy Davis Jr. and Jay Juniel)--"Watch Them Come" remixes 2 X 12"
    (Undaground Therapy/Chicago)
Neil Sparkes & The Last Tribe--Burning Mask (Interchill/Montreal)
Shuttle 358--Optimal.lp (US 12K)
Various--"Second Array" EP (US Tektite)
Aspen--Are You That Retail Snob? (NZ Involve)
Twerk--"Disappointing Human" EP (US Context)
Sutekh--"Of Sarcasm And Exhaust" EP (US Cytrax)
Safety Scissors--"Rubber Stamp" EP (US Context)
Cooldown--Ether (CAN Map)
Marumari--Ballad Of The Round Ball (US Vinyl Communications)
Super_Collider--Head On (UK Loaded)
Kym Serrano--Trancentric (US Spelunk/Ersatz Audio; unreleased)
Proem--Burn Plate No. 1 (US Hydrant)
The Mighty Quark--Ian Hendrick's Disco (King Syndrome Sounds/ Stockholm)
MDLM--"A Main Key" 12" (Brique Rouge/Paris)
Signaldrift--.060 (OMCO/Portland OR)
Terrence Parker--Classic TP Mix Vol. #4 mix CD (US Intangible)
Lilenthal--Castor & Pollux (US Emanate)
If.Then.Else--Realizations (US Emanate)
David Toop--Museum Of Fruit (Caipirinha/New York)
John Tejada--"To Lead A Secret Life" EP (Seventh City/Detroit)
Various--Enter The Monkey (Mad Monkey/Austin TX)
Various--"Oral-Olio: An History Of Tomorrow" EP (Ersatz Audio/Detroit)
Weed--Hard To Kill (Nettwerk)
Various--Endpoint compilation 01 (Endpoint/Chicago)
Stewart S. Walker--"Nothing Produces Stark Imagery" EP (Tresor/Berlin)
Glenn Underground--A Story Of Deepness (Nite Life Collective/Chicago)
Various--Radio Utopia 1999: Millenium Funk (Radio B92/Belgrade)
Microworld--"Signals" 12" (Transmat/Detroit)
Various--.aiff (12k/New York)
Various--Microscopic Sound (Caipirinha/New York)
Common Factor--Dreams Of Elsewhere (Planet E/Detroit)
Speedranch^Jansky Noise--Welcome To Execrate mix CD (The Leaf Label/UK)
Wildplanet--Transmitter (US 430 West)
Stewart S. Walker--"Abstract Symbols Of Decadence" EP (US Tektite)
Crank--Wanton Phenomena (DM Mille Plateaux)
Juan Atkins' Model 500--Mind And Body (BE R & S)
Cristian Vogel--Busca Invisibles (DM Tresor)
Dubtribe Sound System--Bryant Street (Jive Electro)
Monolake--Interstate (DM Monolake/Imbalance)
Legion Of Green Men--Floating In Shallow Water (CAN Post Contemporary/ UK Swim~)
Various--"United Efforts Vol 1: Interference Invention" EP (SE G-Force)
Dan Curtin--"Spatial Relationships" EP (US Metamorphic)
Various--Chicago: 1999 Future House Society Vol. 2 (Real Estate/Chicago)
DJ Jasper and Kit Clayton--"Detention" EP (Cytrax/California)
DJ Jasper and Kit Clayton--Delay 02 12" (Delay/California)
The Persuader (Jesper Dahlback)--Stockholm (Svek/Stockholm)
Merrick Brown--"Crime Of Stealth" EP (Tektite/Texas)
Stewart S. Walker--"Jet Fuel And Longing" EP (Belief Systems/California)
Jeep Beat Collective--Technics Chainsaw Massacre (Bomb Hip Hop/California)
Anthony "Shake" Shakir--"Tracks For My Father" EP (Seventh City/Detroit)
Todd Sines--"Null" EP (Background/Dusseldorf)
Ekko--Centripetal (Interchill/Montreal)
Teflon Septum--Teflon Septum (Independent/Brooklyn)
Various--X-mas '98 sampler (Spelunk/Brooklyn)
DJ T-1000--Live Sabotage (Live In Belgium) mix CD (BML/Brooklyn)
YMC--Phuture Vibes (Deck Deli/Sweden)
Mark Verbos--Simple Answers (BML/Brooklyn)
Juan Atkins' Infiniti--Skynet (BML/Brooklyn)
Terrence Parker--My Studio Sessions Vol #1 (Intangible/Detroit)
Juan Atkins--Wax Trax! Mastermix Volume One mix CD (TVT/New York)
Low Res--Approximate Love Boat (Plug Research/Los Angeles)
John Tejada--Little Green Lights And Four Inch Faders (A13/Essex UK)
John Acquaviva--John Acquaviva presents Skills mix CD (US/DM Stud!o K7)
Turner--Lukin Orgel (DM Ladomat)
Tom Millar--Digestive Tracks (US Independent)
Aux 88--Xeo-Genetic (Direct Beat/Detroit)
Solenoid--Solenoid (US Independent)
Plastikman--Artifakts (BC) (CAN M_NUS/US/UK Novamute)
John Acquaviva--From Saturday To Sunday mix 2 X CD (SP Florida 135)
The Timewriter--Jigsaw Pieces (DM Plastic City)
Taylor Deupree--Comma, (US 12k)
Drum Komputer--Alphabet Flasher (US 12k)
Wamdue Project--Program Yourself (Strictly Rhythm)
Terry Lee Brown Jr.--Terry's Cafe mix CD (DM Plastic City)
Transformantra--Transformantra (CAN Silver USA)
Alex Martin--Eventual Extremes (UK Pagoda)
Various--Magnetic Blue (CAN Interchill)

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